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December 2018

In December, 58transactions were recorded, aggregatingtoUSD 2.8B, nearly USD 1B higher than the previous month. Overwhelming dominance of US not only continued, but became more dominant. Of the total investment, US garnered nearly 96% investment, amounting to USD 2647M!Of the total 58 deals, 52 happened in the USA. It was followed by India, with 6 deals amounting to USD 105M. Share of ROW share was just USD 6M. No deal was recorded in China. In India deal value was USD 124 M vis-à-vis USD 100 M. India recorded only 2 deals, as in the previous month, amounting to USD 124M – both in Digital Health.

- Team Wisdomsmith


In previous month, Healthcare Services garnered the highest share of 51% amount, followed by Bio-Pharma at 17%, and healthcare services at 22%. Other key therapies garnering decent share was oncology with 9% share. All other therapies garnered less than USD 100M investment.

Top deals of December’18:

Founded in 198, Civitas Solutions, Inc., which markets its services nationally as The MENTOR Network, is a national network of local health and human services providers offering an array of quality, community-based services to adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain and spinal cord injuries and other catastrophic injuries and illnesses; to youth with emotional, behavioral and medically complex challenges, as well as their families; and to elders in need of support. Since inception, it has grown from a single residential service provider to a national organization providing services and supports in more than 30 states.

As of June 2018, it serves more than 12,500 individuals in residential settings and more than 19,000 individuals in non-residential settings.

Headquartered in Cambridge,Relay Therapeutics is focussed on building the world’s first dedicated drug discovery platform centered on protein motion to discover and develop new medicines that will make a transformative difference for patients.

By placing protein motion at the heart of drug discovery, Relay is pursuing what it believes will be a fundamental paradigm shift within the pharmaceutical industry, ushering in a new generation of drugs with the potential to improve and extend the lives of millions of patients.

Rakuten Aspyrian, Inc., is a clinical stage biotechnology company. Since 2013, Rakuten Aspyrian has been developing new anticancer therapies based on the Photoimmunotherapy platform. Rakuten Aspyrian plans to become a fully integrated biopharma with research, development, and world-wide commercialization of therapies based on the Photoimmunotherapy platform.

Its long-term objective is to commercialize a number of therapies based on Photoimmunotherapy to treat a broad range of solid tumor types as single agent and in combination with other immunomodulatory agents to generate robust and long lasting anticancer immunological responses.

An Indian company, Symbiotic is focussed on Steroid-Hormone APIs. Its value proposition is to offer Steroid-Hormone API Solutions with regulatory support in line with the ‘Western Standards’, coupled with ‘Asian Cost Advantage’.

Symbiotecis the Steroid Chemistry experts in India with a complete backward integration to the basic Soy Sterol molecule using process technology including cutting edge fermentation technology and fine Synthetic Chemistry.

Annexon Biosciences, Inc., a biotechnology company, discovers and developing novel therapeutics for neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders. It offers drugs that control or target Huntington’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, spinal muscular atrophy, and others.

Annexon Biosciences is creating and developing proprietary therapeutic products that modulate the classical complement pathway. Our pipeline is based on breakthrough research showing that the initiating molecule of the classical pathway, C1q, stimulates an immune-mediated attack that causes cell loss and tissue damage in a broad array of autoimmune, neurodegenerative and ophthalmic disorders.

Akero Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, is engaged in transforming the treatment of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and other serious metabolic diseases, by restoring the metabolic balance.

Its lead clinical program, AKR-001, is a long-acting Fc fusion modified FGF21 protein and potential best-in-class treatment for NASH. AKR-001 builds upon two decades of work on FGF21 biology. It is designed to affect both the liver and adipose tissue, reducing liver fat and suppressing inflammation and fibrosis.

Impel NeuroPharma, Inc. is devoted to creating life-changing, innovative therapies for central nervous system (CNS) diseases. Impel's products are based on a novel nasal drug delivery platform, the POD™ device, that administers drug to the upper nasal cavity in a consistent and predictable manner.

Impel NeuroPharma is currently investigating INP104 (POD™ DHE) for acute migraine headache, INP103 (POD™ levodopa) for Parkinson's Disease, INP105 (POD™ olanzapine) for agitation in schizophrenia and bipolar disorders as well as INP102 (POD™ insulin) for Alzheimer's disease in an NIH funded trial.

It’s proprietary POD™ device enables small and large molecule drugs to be administered using a cost-effective, disposable, non-invasive intranasal drug delivery device.

Founded in 2016. Entrada Therapeutics, Inc., a biotechnology company, is engaged in the treatment of diseases through the intracellular delivery of biologic. Entrada’s technology enables the efficient intracellular delivery of proteins, peptides and nucleic acids, thus allowing for the development of programs across several intracellular target classes.

Its Intracellular enzyme replacement therapy (IC-ERT) is a medical treatment that corrects an enzyme deficiency in the cell, Protein-Protein Interaction Inhibitors. The Company's novel approach addresses current challenges associated with both large and small molecule therapeutics and represents a fundamental advancement in the delivery of molecules into the cytosol.

Alto, A community pharmacy at heart, formerly ScriptDash, is a digital pharmacy company that offers doctors and clinics an easier back-end system to fill those prescriptions. Its platform helps doctors and pharmacies coordinate and communicate to each other easily.

Alto so far has delivered more than 100,000 prescriptions to 12,000 patients

Generico is the fastest growing generic medicine focussed retail chain in Mumbai. Its vision is to provide affordable healthcare, by selling the highest quality generic medicines with maximum savings to its customers.

Generico has already became the most trusted brand for more than 10,000 customers within 3 months of launch.