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February 2019

In February’19, 49transactions were recorded, aggregatingtoUSD 1.3B. In the previous month, both number of transactions and the value of deal declined.US dominance continued. Of the total investment, US garnered more than 70% investment (up from 64% in Jan), amounting to USD 906M.Of the total 49 deals, 38 happened in the USA. While in terms of number of deals, India was ranked number 2, ahead of China, but in terms of total deal value, China was ahead of India. In India 6 deals happened, amounting to USD 46M, while in China 6 deals happened amounting to USD 210M. Among the top 5 deals value wise, 3 were from USA and 2 were from China. Indian deals were in healthcare, analytics, and digital health space respectively.

- Team Wisdomsmith


In previous month, top 3 areas were cardiology, health tech and diagnostics. In terms of the value, there share was 22%, 19% and 12% respectively. BioPharma and Devices had 13% share each. They were followed by oncology and gene-based therapies at 9% and 7% respectively.

Top deals of February’19:

Anthos Therapeutics has been launched by Blackstone Life Sciences, a private investment firm, along with Novartis. It will be focused on advancing next-generation targeted therapies for high-risk cardiovascular patients.

It’s a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on the development and commercialization of genetically and pharmacologically validated therapies for high-risk cardiovascular patient populations. Anthos’ most advanced program is MAA868 (licensed by Novartis), an anti- Factor XI / XIa monoclonal antibody, which represents a promising next generation anti-thrombotic investigational therapy with the potential to prevent multiple thrombotic diseases with minimal or no bleeding risk.

Health Catalyst is dedicated to enabling health care organizations to fundamentally improve care by building the most comprehensive and fully integrated suite of healthcare data warehousing and process improvement solutions available.

Using a late-binding bus architecture, Catalyst’s adaptive data model is agile, flexible, and can be implemented in a matter of weeks compared to the months or years traditional approaches require.

Oyster Point Pharma is a clinical stage pharmaceutical company leveraging neuroscience to discover, develop and commercialize novel therapies to treat diseases with high unmet needs.

The company’s initial focus is to develop innovative therapeutics to treat the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease (DED) by stimulating the trigeminal parasympathetic pathway to activate the glands responsible for tear film production. Oyster Point is leveraging a class of receptors called nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (nAChRs) which are located on the trigeminal nerve, accessible within the nose, to stimulate natural tear film production.

Gracell Biotechnologies, a cell gene therapy start-up, whose technology is focused on developing modified immune cells called T-cells. Gracell is committed to developing high-quality, low-cost cellular drugs and solving many of the technical difficulties in the cellular gene therapy field, including complex manufacture, lack of off-the-shelf products, and short duration efficacy.

The company has already completed pre-clinical development of a series of low-cost Chimeric Antigen Receptors T-cell (CAR T) therapy products and entered Institutional Review Board (IRB) clinical research. Other products under development include CAR-T cell products developed on the company's FasTTM CAR technology, Dual-CAR technology, off-the-shelf CAR-T products, and CAR-T products for the treatment of refractory solid tumors.

Nuvaira, Inc., is a medical device company that has developed minimally invasive products to make breathing easier for patients suffering from obstructive lung diseases. Specifically, the company is developing a novel, catheter-based system to address chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, by treating the overactive airway nerves in a procedure call Targeted Lung Denervation* (TLD).

Targeted Lung Denervation (TLD) is currently under clinical investigation for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and is not yet commercially available. Nuvaira and dNerva are trademarks of Nuvaira, Inc.

Despite significant advances in treatment of primary tumors, metastatic cancer remains a leading cause of solid cancer mortality. HiberCell seeks to change that. As “the dormancy company”,it is the first company exclusively focused on therapeutically modulating the biology and mechanisms of tumor dormancy.

Toward this goal it is developing first-in-class therapeutics that target dormant disseminated tumor cells (DTCs) from solid and liquid cancers. It’s ultimate goal is to prevent or delay the recurrence of cancer.

Bolt Biotherapeuticsis focused on unleashing the power of the immune system to achieve anti-tumour immunity for nearly 80% of patients who are unresponsive to checkpoint inhibitors

Boltbody™ platform consists of systemically delivered Immune-Stimulating Antibody Conjugates (ISAC). It conjugates thetumor-targeting antibodies to powerful immune stimulants such as TLR agonists, proven to convert cold tumors into immunologically hot tumors, and have demonstrated that Boltbody™ ISACs eliminate tumors in preclinical models following systemic administration.

A leading eye care chain in India, Dr. Agarwal’s Health Care will use the funding to expand its eye chain further. The company aims to add around 50-75 hospitals in the next three to five years with a focus on both metro cities and smaller towns.

Niramaihas developed a novel breast cancer screening solution that uses Thermalytix, i.e. machine intelligence over thermography images. Our cloud hosted analytics solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for early & accurate breast cancer screening.

NIRAMAI has developed a novel breast cancer screening solution that uses Thermalytix, i.e. machine intelligence over thermography images. Its cloud hosted analytics solution uses big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for early & accurate breast cancer screening.