The lead investors on our HEAWEN platform are stalwarts in these sectors, with deep understanding of your space. Thus they not only infuse money, but far more valuable, is the mentoring and the strategic advice, which they have accumulated over decades of experience. Alongwith Wisdomsmith team, expect them to guide you through constant hand holding, strategic and operational inputs, helpful interventions at crucial steps

Sample Profiles

Promoter, pharma company; earlier CXO roles in Mylan and Alkem
Promoter, pharma company; earlier CXO roles in Aurobindo and Alkem
Promoter, dental services business
Senior M&A professional, was leading pharma M&A practice at a leading M&A firm
CEO, large super-speciality hospital; earlier headed a MNC medical devices business
Consultant, healthcare; 20 years plus domain experience
Promoter, Ayurveda Co
CEO, primary care chain; earlier 20 years in medical equipment sales with GE
Promoter, healthcare services company
Senior manager role, leading pharma company

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